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Our Mission

To achieve our corporate vision, we strive to generate new possibilities previously uncharted to help clients navigate through the accelerating pace of change in an increasingly competitive market place. In line with the company’s vision statement, NIMED will deliver the highest value to our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Vision

To be a reputable, premier Investment Banking Firm delivering innovative solutions to meet our clients’ financial needs in all major financial markets, both local and international

Our Values

Excellence: We set the highest standards for ourselves to provide quality, independent and expert advice and execution to our clients

Integrity: We will always interact with all stakeholders; clients, competitors, regulators and partners, in an ethical and fair manner.

Dedication and Diligence: We will tenaciously pursue opportunities, thoroughly research risks and efficiently complete transactions on behalf of our clients

The Client Comes First: We will build and strengthen relationships with our clients, always endeavouring to understand their needs and how we can best satisfy them.

Independence: As a Financial company, we cherish our independence that guarantees the objectivity of our work and our advice. For us, it is an essential component of our relationship with our clients