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Paying a mortgage need not be too difficult with the right and appropriate financial advice. At NIMED Capital, we have a mortgage fund, which is a pool of assets that invests in short to long term instruments. We also hold investments in real estate investment trusts to complement your core investments. Our mortgage investment fund can help you achieve broader diversification, lower portfolio risk and improve long-term rates of return.



Let us guide you make a financially sound plan for your life. Our financial direction will help you make meaningful investments today and facilitate significant benefits tomorrow. The NIMED Lifetime Plan encourages clients to pursue their aspiration through concrete financial plans designed to meet their needs. So, whether you are planning your child’s education, personal projects, family vacation, retirement, dream home, a better lifestyle and more, NIMED Lifetime Plan is here to help you meet that essential long term need.



We know you agree that investing in education is important. How to do that and the possible returns may be your challenge. The NIMED Education Investment Fund is a specially designed investment product to help you fund the education expenses of your child, grandchild or yourself. The Fund can be used for a lifetime of education – primary (including basic), secondary and a wide range of tertiary and special needs education. Our education fund is simple to use, is flexible, and has benefits to help clients meet the financial challenges of quality education.



We can help you transform your health financing in a less stressful manner. The NIMED Health Investment Fund is an investment product which covers your health care expenses. While there are no minimum contributions or balance requirements, we encourage our clients to contribute as much as possible to their future medical needs. Using this plan requires that you must be paired with a deductible health plan. You can use the fund to pay for qualified medical costs or save for future health expenses. You are however rest assured that your earnings and distributions for qualified medical expenses will be paid promptly.