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We understand that the dynamics of today’s business teems with competition and volatility. We therefore appreciate the need for our clients to create maximum value. NIMED’s Corporate Finance team is poised to support you achieve that height. Creating maximum value means being a step ahead, going the extra mile, consistently learning and understanding client needs, taking healthy risks and ultimately getting results that makes our clients happy and comfortable. This is our language at NIMED Corporate Finance.


We specialize in providing in-depth advisory and interim management services to companies and their stakeholders. If you require reorganization of your firm to make it more profitable or better organized for its present needs, NIMED Capital will give you critical guidance for that. We will also provide you with insight to manage business issues in all phases of the restructuring process, i.e. from the crucial initial planning stages through implementation.

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We undertake valuations of business entities, intellectual property, intangible assets, common and preferred stock and other securities along with partnership interests, private debt instruments, options, warrants and other derivative products. These services are provided to assist clients with mergers, acquisitions and dispositions; taxation planning and compliance; financial reporting; bankruptcy and reorganization; litigation and dispute resolution; and strategic planning.

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Raising capital for a business is an important part of the financial planning structure and at NIMED Capital, we just know how to do that! We do this by originating, developing and shepherding high value, strategic international deals in capital raising to serve emerging market companies in their global pursuits and international companies in furthering their emerging market and inorganic growth strategies.

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Financial restructuring assists in making significant improvements in the capital structure of an organization. NIMED Capital will help you reorganize your business’ assets and liabilities with an overall structure and process revamp.

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