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    1. Your Personal Details - This section is compulsory

  • 2. Employment Details

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  • Non – Discretionary Products

  • a) The account opening form must be completed by an adult of 18 years and above.

    b) All account information would be held in strict confidence.

    c) NIMED CAPITAL LIMITED (NIMED) would only turn down an application for account opening or close an account when management is of reasonable conviction that the account does not apply to statutory requirements, is used for fraud, money laundering and other vices against the laws of the republic of Ghana.

    d) Funds are invested in money market, other fixed income instruments, listed equity, other collective investment schemes and any other instruments that may be adjudged suitable for investor’s circumstances.

    e) NCL is authorized to select and use counter-parties offering the instruments that best meet the investment objective of the investor. These may include products from primary dealers, stock brokers, commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions and asset management companies.

    f) BENCHMARK return is dependent on amount invested, tenure, instruments and counterparty used.

    g) Investors may liquidate all or part of investment by giving a written notice to NCL, however the actual liquidation time depends on the instrument involved and the ability of counterparty to liquidate investment promptly.

    h) Sale of listed equities are carried out with a commission to the stock broker. Fixed income products are fixed contracts for the investment tenure and request for premature and partial liquidations would attract a penal charge, which would be determined by the counterparty.

    i) Liquidated investments would be paid to clients the next working day after receipt of funds from counterparty.

    j) The effective date or value date of investment shall be the date on which the funds are transferred to the counterparty’s bank account (for fixed income investments) or the investment product (equity or fund shares/units) is purchased.

    k) The investment manager would charge a management fee of at most 2.5% per annum on assets under management. A performance fee of at most 15% flat would be charged on return above agreed target.
  • I/We have carefully read the Account Terms for opening an investment account with NIMED, and declare my/our acceptance of all conditions above. I/We declare that I/We shall maintain this account in compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements related to my/our investments. I/ We also declare that NIMED may exercise discretion to ensure that my/our account is compliant.