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Fund Prices

Date: Wednesday, 27th September 2023

Price per unit (GH¢)                                –   0.183986

Year-to-Date performance             –      29.8646%

Annualized yield                                    –       -40.3725%

Date: Wednesday, 27th September 2023

Price per unit (GH¢)                            – 0.142427

Year-to-Date performance             –  7.7807%

Annualized yield                                 –  10.5184%

Date: Wednesday, 27th September 2023

Price per unit (GH¢)                            –  0.707473

Year-to-Date performance              –    -1.0677%

Annualized yield                                  –    1.4434%

Why Choose Nimed

Smile into the future. Our Collective investment schemes help you put money away and grow it
steadily with minimal risks. Face tomorrow with confidence.

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Secured Investment

We create exposure to unrivalled investment research, a critical element in securing investments and minimizing risk.


Access to Top Tech

We utilize top-class fund administration technology in order to give you efficiency be it with small, medium or large-sized transactions.


Experience Team

We bring our extensive experience in structuring and managing funds to bear to help you maximize the growth of your investments.


Devotion to you

At Nimed Capital, we build and strengthen relationships with our clients, always endeavoring to understand their needs and how we can best satisfy them.

Company overview

Our Company Vision & Mission

To achieve our corporate vision, we strive to generate new possibilities previously uncharted to help clients navigate through the accelerating pace of change in an increasingly competitive market place. In line with the company’s vision statement, NIMED will deliver the highest value to our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Vision

To be a reputable, premier Investment Banking Firm delivering innovative solutions to meet our clients’ financial needs in all major financial markets, both local and international

Our Values

 We set the highest standards for ourselves to provide quality, independent and expert advice and execution to our clients

Who we are

NIMED Capital Limited (“NIMED”) is a wholly owned Ghanaian business with a drive to provide top-notched corporate finance and investment banking services to Africa and beyond. We are focused on helping individuals and organizations attain financial freedom and ultimately make their lives more comfortable. As such, we believe in building and maintaining long term, honest and open relationships with our clients to assist us achieve our goal.

Our Expertise

We rely expansively on the expertise and extensive experience of our people to execute all transactions, both local and international. We work across varied sectors including telecommunication, real estate, banking & finance, and energy to and provide tailor-made services for all our clients. We also believe that, as we aspire to be industry leaders, we must run our business responsibly. We therefore have acquired all the necessary licenses and approvals to enable us provide the most professional and reliable service to our clients.

Our Latest News

Our mission is to deliver reliable, latest news and opinions from our expert desk.

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Our team of experts provide self-governing, strategic advice on finance and value creation.