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NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust

NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust (The Fund) is an open-ended Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust is managed by NIMED Capital Limited.
The Fund invests in highly secured well-diversified fixed income securities including government securities, commercial bank fixed income securities and corporate bonds. NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust is established with unlimited duration.

NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust is tailored for investors who wish to accomplish their future financial goals by committing to regular investments.
NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust maximizes total long term return on investments while preserving capital and maintaining liquidity.

NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust is open to individuals who wish to invest towards future financial goals such as paying for the cost of education, acquiring assets or building financial reserves.
The fund is also open to institutions such as insurance companies, pension funds, credit unions and rural banks.

  • Affordability – With as little as GHS 50 one can own an investment account
  • Accessibility  By pooling funds together, investors can collectively access a broader array of investment products which they may not otherwise be able to access in their capacities.
  •  Diversification – NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust invests in a wide range of fixed-income securities. This limits the effect of a possible decline in the value of any one security.
  • Professional Investment Management- The NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust is managed by skilled investment professionals who make investment decisions based on structured market research and analysis.
  • Liquidity- Investors can buy and sell their shares at any time.
  • Competitive Investment Return- Through research and diversification, the fund managers generate a competitive return on investment.
  •  Safety & Transparency- NIMED Capital is registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide fund management and investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. Investors receive regular updates on their investments.

Investors who wish to subscribe to the fund should contact NIMED Capital Limited at 0302-543-837 or 0501-698-474 to complete the application process.

Investors can make payment of investment to the trust account details below;

Account Name: NIMED Lifetime Unit Trust
Bank Name: Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited
Branch: Head Office
Account Number:1330033511310
Swift Code: FBLIGHAC