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Weekly Insights – Ghana – 04/08/2017 – Nimed Capital Limited

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Stock Market Overview

The GSE-CI closed the week at 2,268.45, representing a Year-to-Date (YTD) return of 34.30%. Meaning you would have gained a significant return of 34.30%, if you had bought into the Consumer Index at the start of the year. The Financial Index (GSE-FI) has a higher YTD of 35.38%, meaning that financial stocks are performing better than other stocks of listed companies. The market capitalisation recorded a YTD of 9.10%.

The overall Consumer Index performance is underpinned by the higher returns of financial stocks, performance has been driven by manufacturing stocks such as BOPP with a YTD of 142.31% and FML with a YTD of 44.34%. The performance of the overall Financial Index is driven by three main financial stocks. Namely, SCB with a YTD of 115.52%, ETI with a YTD of 50.00% and GCB with a YTD of 44.66%.

The value increase in the overall volume of shares traded on the exchange and the market capitalisation of the listed equities can be attributed to low interest environment. Which has spurred investors’ influx into the equities market for higher yields.

Investing in the stock market versus other investments has several benefits, asides a higher prospect of capital appreciation. The stock market offers a wide variety of businesses which have stock publicly traded, an investor can have a diversified stock portfolio with selected stocks and can outperform the general market returns.

In addition, many of the more established stocks pay out dividends, which can also provide the investor with an income. Conservative investors can enjoy the benefits of stock ownership without incurring too much risk by investing in stocks in the food production sector.

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