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Weekly Insights – Ghana – 05/05/2017 – Nimed Capital Limited

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Stock Market Overview

The GSE-CI closed the week at 1,884.87, representing a Year-to-Date (YTD) return of 11.59%. Meaning you would gain a return of 11.59%, if you had bought into the Consumer Index at the start of the year. The Financial Index (GSE-FI) has a higher YTD of 15.22%, meaning that financial stocks are performing better than other stocks of listed companies. The market capitalisation recorded a YTD of 11.12%.

The overall Consumer Index performance is underpinned by the higher returns of financial stocks. The performance of the overall Financial Index is driven by three main financial stocks. Namely, GCB with a YTD of 46.07%, SCB with a YTD of 31.36% and SOGEGH with a YTD of 19.35%.

The volume of stocks traded over the week amounted to 817,576. Presenting a week-on-week (w-o-w) change of 7.63%, meaning the number of shares traded this Friday as compared to the previous Friday increased by 57,991 shares.

The value of stocks traded over the week amounted to 1,780,560. Presenting a w-o-w change 1,380.65%, showing that there was a significant trading activity in high worth stocks on offer. Thus the substantial difference of 1,660,305 between the Fridays.

The value increase in the overall volume of shares traded on the exchange and the market capitalisation of the listed equities can be attributed to low interest environment. Which has spurred investors’ influx into the equities market for higher yields.

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