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Weekly Insights – Ghana – 26/05/2017 – Nimed Capital Limited

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Stock Market Overview

The GSE-CI closed the week at 1,923.53, representing a Year-to-Date (YTD) return of 13.88%. Meaning you would gain a return of 13.88%, if you had bought into the Consumer Index at the start of the year. The Financial Index (GSE-FI) has a higher YTD of 16.66%, meaning that financial stocks are performing better than other stocks of listed companies. The market capitalisation recorded a YTD of 11.97%.

The overall Consumer Index performance is underpinned by the higher returns of consumer stocks, namely BOPP with a YTD of 70.61 and GOIL with a YTD of 48.18%. The performance of the overall Financial Index is driven by three main financial stocks. Namely, GCB with a YTD of 47.19%, SCB with a YTD of 31.36% and SOGEGH with a YTD of 22.58%.

The volume of stocks traded over the week amounted to 570,758. Presenting a negative week-on-week (w-o-w) change of -91.45%, meaning there was a significant decrease in the number of shares traded within the week. With UTB having bulk of 558,000 shares.

The value of stocks traded over the week amounted to 59,275. Presenting a negative w-o-w change of -99.45%, showing that there was a significant decrease in the trading activity of high worth stocks on offer.

Although, there was a decrease in the overall volume of shares traded on the exchange, it did not have a direct impact on the market capitalisation, which increased marginally. Signalling the overall confidence of the Ghanaian Bourse.

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